Our loved ones mean a lot to us. We like to show them how we care and think about them, especially during holidays and special occasions. We have some great ideas for hand-made gifts that will convey an extra special, caring, and memorable touch! Friends and family will appreciate the extra thought that goes into the creativity of giving hand-made gifts. 

Here are just a few examples of home-made gifts that you can try for special occasions. 



Girls love creative headbands. They collect them as they grow up. It is a lovely gift that you can create to win the hearts of little ladies. These hair accessories can be stylized by beautifying with designs suited to the preference of the receiver. They can be personalized, too. You will find doing this is so easy and also a fun project for young children. 


Christmas Day 

People love to receive glass snow globes on Christmas. Personalize by adding names or other special touches. Once shaken, snows fall down on top of the globe, and will bring joy to family and friends! Even people in tropical countries in the world will experience the delight of snowflakes. 

Another gift that is so sweet to share are home baked Christmas crackers. These crackers will be more elegant when a personalized container or box is designed with Christmas decorations. Even the cookies have run out, the thoughts still remain on the Christmas personalized container. 

 Mother’s Day 

It is the right time to show how you care for your mother. This time, let her feel that they are not neglected. We can give something that will enhance their beauty and fragrance. Loofah soap making is a simple handcrafted gift idea. All you have to do is combine sliced natural loofah with a scented homemade soap. You can use different colored soap to make the loofah soap pretty. 

Father’s Day 

When Father’s Day has come, it is time to spoil your father. He will not resist smiling when you give him a home crafted fishing rod and reel. You can take this opportunity to bond with your father. This gift will also serve as a souvenir and display at home or in his workplace. The memories will be more cherished with this kind of gift. 

 Valentine’s Day 

When love is in the air, we can share an easy-to-care gift that would be taken care of after the occasion. A love cactus defines affection that must grow like greenery. You can use a cute pot then put some soil or mulching materials. Moist it and plant the young cactus. A simple planter card will make this gift more charming for the recipient. 


On Easter, you will appreciate the availability of plastic bottles at home. They can be recycled as pop container bottles. They can be cut and shaped as animals or any designs you wish to create. Colorful paint can be applied to make them bright and attractive. This handicraft will make you realize the value of saving   used objects and turning them into a worthwhile gift.  


The department store is not always a solution to prove affection and caress for your loved ones.  The perfect messages for different holidays can be conveyed through personalized and unique gifts, no matter what the cost may be. What matters most is the love that wraps the presents.