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Sunflower Annie Pin/Ornie

 Scrape of yellow felt or wool felt
Scrape of black felt or wool felt
Scrape of barn red felt or wool felt
Scrape of double layer muslin
DMC #221 barn red
DMC #310 black
2~ 1/4" black buttons
Instant tea
Barn red acrylic paint
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Pin back
Stencil brush
Trace face onto muslin. Sew on tracing line all the way around. Make a small slit in back for turning. Turn RSO and stuff firmly. Sew opening closed with a whipstitch. Mix ½1/2 cup instant tea with 2 – 2 1/2 cups water. Spray or use a sponge brush to apply to both front and back of face. Let dry. Trace nose onto barn red felt. Cut out. Sew on nose with 1 strand of barn red floss and tiny primitive stitches. Leave knots in the back of her head where they will not show. Sew on eyes with 6 strands of black floss. Use 1 stand of black floss for mouth and eyebrows. Using 6 strands of barn red floss sew on hair. Start at center of head and work your way down the sides. Go in the back about 1/8 inch away from seam and come out the front about ¼1/4” away. Leave floss about 1/2" in back. Now go back in the same hole in the back and come out the same hole in the front. Cut floss even with back. Follow diagram on pattern.Trace sunflower on yellow felt and cut out. Mix 1/4-cup tea solution with 1 tablespoon Stiffy fabric stiffener. Use sponge brush and apply to both front and back of sunflower. I use a small plastic butter bowl, place some crumpled newspaper in the bowl almost to the top. Lay the sunflower on top of the newspaper so the petals are bent up higher than the flower center. Let dry.Cut flower center out of black felt. Hot glue flower center to middle of sunflower. Hot glue Annie’s face into the middle of the sunflower. Using dry brush method and a stencil brush, blush Annie’s cheeks with barn red acrylic paint. Dip brush into paint; wipe most of the paint off onto a paper towel. Now gentle blush cheeks with a circular motion. Glue pin back onto the back or add a hanger and make an ornie.

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