Tried and tested, sewing is the most favorite hobby of seniors. Why not? The act of sewing is advantageous to elderly persons. Its benefits are not limited only to physical wellness but also emotional, social and mental health. 

  • Physical Health

Sewing is an activity which looks so simple but actually improves the health of an adult. This a kind of crafting activity for seniors which keeps hands active and flexible. Studies reveal that arthritis is prevented when body parts are active. 

The most important benefit of sewing to people is an improvement of hand and coordination. It is far better to activate your hand and eyes while sitting than sitting for hours for nothing. It develops the skill of classifying practical tasks in life. It is effortless to solve conflicts when it occurs. 

It is normal for seniors to experience dementia. It is an acute loss of intellectual ability of the brain due to damage or loss of neurons. Sewing is a big help in keeping the neurons healthy. By doing sewing, the mind keeps on remembering the simple tasks and make responses in certain steps. Working brains means keeping your mind strong and healthy even at old age. 


  • Emotional and Social

During sewing, old persons appreciate themselves. They feel that they are still able I accomplishing tasks and they feel good about it. This activity may also be enjoyed by men as it gives satisfaction to the one who does it. It leads to self-affirmation for bringing an output of the task. Self-confidence is developed and self-insecurities are not entertained. 

One’s feeling has something to do with his or her perspective in life.  Thinking positive to any situations will lead to accomplished tasks. When an individual has inner confidence, he or she probably gained this through sewing. It is basically an indoor activity but it boosts one’s confidence by accomplishing something. Stronger cognitive thinking and emotional security are improved. In fact, social relationships built as they mingle in the community where sewing is their common topic and habit. They have a good time in sharing outputs and ideas in sewing. Due to the affirmation given by others, their self-esteem boosts continuously. 

  • Mental

Sewing makes the mind healthy. The procedure is stress-free and anybody become skilled quickly. It only proves that learning is for everybody. 

Likewise, creativity is developed when sewing. Though it is a big challenge for everybody, they can be imaginative and productive in their own special ways. They can explore and discover new concepts that can be applied to their output. 

In addition, sewer’s ability to focus on the task is exercised. Despite their age, they could be able to concentrate on their self-project and learn new concepts related to their hobby or task. 

Upholding lifestyle among the senior citizens is vital as they make themselves feel young and able. Having hobbies like sewing lead the elders more physically, emotionally, socially and mentally active. Hence, they are more eager to learn and be more productive each day of their lives.